My Activities

 Systemic Analysis and Strategic Innvoation:  I help companies and government agencies leverage their collective intelligence to develop pertinent, innovative solutions to complex problems. In my work, I combine creative methods inspired from user-centric design with analytical methods taken from economics, complex system theory, and strategic foresight. Interested to find out more about my work?

Writing and Reading: Occasionally, I write about economics, public policy and political philosophy for newspapers, magazines, and think tanks. Fancy a read?  Moreover, I sometimes publish  reading recommendations on some of the big social, economic, political, philosophical issues of the present. Hungry for some food for thought?

Moderation: Over the course of the past 10 years, I've hosted and moderated numerous co-creation workshops. Do you need a moderator for your workshop or a host for a panel discussion? Check out my experience!

Active Citizenship / Think Tanking: I am a co-founder of the not-for-profit, participatory think tanks foraus (in CH) and Argo (in FR). With our think tanks, we strive to build bridges between citizens and policy makers. Interested in joining forces?

My Background

I studied economics, energy policy, and politics at Sciences Po Paris as well as at Universities of Sankt Gallen and Geneva.  Over the past years, I've specialised in network industries, climate change, and public governance.

Besides my work, I am the co-founder of the participatory think tank Argo in Paris, as well as of the grass-roots think tank foraus and the political movement Operation Libero in Switzerland. I was awarded the Mercator Fellowship in 2015/2016.

I am proficient in German, English, and French, with an advanced understanding of both Italian and Spanish. From my home base in Zurich, I enjoy working in fast-paced, creative environments.

Both professionally and as a citizen,
I strive to contribute new ideas & solutions
to complex collective challenges.

I am especially interested in sustainable
human-centric transformations

and collective decision making.