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Creating spaces to reflect, discuss, argue, and learn together. 


My Experience as a Host

In the past fifteen years, I've hosted numerous panels and workshops on behalf of Staatslabor, forausNormandie pour la Paix,  Pro Futuris, and other clients.

Co-Creation Workshops 


I am experienced in hosting a vast range of inter-active co-creation workshops, combining design thinking with system analysis.

Successful workshops allow a diverse group of people to come together and to become more than the mere sum of its members. As a workshop host, I strive to unlock the collective intelligence of a group, so that new insights and solutions can emerge.

Panel Discussions

I love moderating engaged panel discussions on topics of social, political or economic relevance.


As a moderator, it is my job to ask questions that are pertinent to the audience, to ensure that all participants get to say what they need, and to ascertain that a true  discussion emerges from individual interventions.


Whenever possible, I strive to actively include the audience to allow for a shared learning experience.

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