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Combining analytical and creative methods,
I strive to contribute new solutions to complex collective challenges



Systemic analysis
& strategic innovation


My work focuses on helping organisations develop strategies and solutions that help them navigate uncertain futures in complex environments.

I enjoy devising new solutions based on a thorough analysis of the complex environments an organisation operate in. To this end, I combine creative with analytical methods.

Systemic analysis is based on the conviction that a through understanding of  social, economic, political systems is needed in order to be able to identify levers for change. To run systemic analysis, I employ a range of methods taken from economics (mostly micro economics), other social sciences, and complex adaptive system theory.


Strategic innovation aims to create spaces and strategies that allow organisations to innovate continuously and purpusefully. To this effect, I use methods from user-centric design and lean prototyping while trying to use formats that make use the collective intelligence of an orgensiation. Strategic innovation also involves a systematic engagement with emerging trends. To render  possible futures tangible, I also use scenario planning and other strategic foresight methods.

& experience

Public Governance & Public Management: Creating public sector innovation tools, running strategy projects, developping regulatory propsals with
  • Swiss Society for the Common Good (since 2021)
  • staatslabor (since 2019)
  • Avenir Suisse (2012-2013),

  • and as a co-founder of the think tanks foraus (CH) and Argo (FR).

Energy, Climate Change & Green Finance: Developing regulatory proposals, running in-depth analyses and devising analytical tools for

  • Meso - Alliance for systemic innovation (Since 2021).

  • Swiss Economics (2013-2019)

  • Climate-Kic (2018),

  • the 2 Degrees Investing Initiative (2017-2018).,

  • the OECD (2016-2017)

  • ETHZ Zurich (2015 - 2016)

Corporate innovation: Devising transformation strategies, generating market intelligence, & running corporate intrapreneurship programmes with

  • Fortae  2018-2020)

  • BlueLion (since 2020)

  • Dezentrum (2020)

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