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We need evidence-based solutions for collective challenges.

Developed together. Developed across borders. 

The Open Think Tank Network

We need new forms of political participation if we want to revive our democracies and harness our collective intelligence.

In 2009, we took action and founded the participatory, not-for-profit, public policy think tank foraus in Switzerland. The idea is simple: we provide a platform for citizens to develop evidence-based proposals for public policy. This way, want to give citizens a voice and make sure that we can harness the unique knowledge that everyone of us has.

In 2014, a group of German friends launched Polis180, the Berlin-based sister-think tank of foraus. In 2017, Argo followed, the Paris-based think tank sibling, for which I serve on the board of directors, responsible to coordinate the crowd-creation of our contents.

The open think tank network keeps growing with younger additions in the UK (Agora), Ireland (Torc), and Austria (Ponto). Together, we constitute the first international, grassroots think tank and we're able to bring truly international solutions to issues that transcend borders.

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